Midnight quickie is an electronic music group with 2 DJs, Aydra & Irsan, as well as Tami as their lead singer. They mix pop and dance music genre and bring a musical performance concept with vocal and mash up live. Their single entitled “City Lights” has brought their own sound, which has made Indonesians proud and successfully gained international recognition. It has reached #75 on the NME MaxxYou World Widechart, being one of the Indonesian artist to pass artists such as Flo Rida and Train.

Along with their musical and live performance style, Midnight Quickie is heading for the commercial direction and is starting a new trend in the youth. Not so long ago, they have released their single “City Lights” which is now topping radio charts, and is now #1 in TRaxFM Jakarta and Semarang.

On top of that, their single “Bebas Lepas” which was released in February 2013, Has made it to #1 in GANAS (Gen 40 lagu terpanas) 98.7 GenFm in just seven weeks. Also Hit Top 10 Radio Hits in Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Makassar etc.

Called as the “Rising Star” and “Breakthrough Artist” by many senior and artist managers, clearly they are on their way to stardom after their performance in Djakarta Warehouse Project 2012.

Gaining attention from the international music scene, Midnight Quickie has become the Digital Evangelist for LENOVO “Touch Turntable”. Now, they are Brand Ambassador for Bratpack Indonesia.

Lastly, enough said, see you all on the dance floor!


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